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Working towards a vibrant health conscious community

The company founded in 1994, has completed over 25 years of continuous successful operation. It has grown from strength to strength gradually building up its client and services portfolio, distribution network as well as enhancing its scope of operation.

A strong customer focus approach has been at the very core of its existence and subsequent growth right since its inception. It values its customer base immensely, always striving to do the right thing by them. This approach has been integral to customer appreciation and their consequent contribution that has enabled the company to continually conquer new heights and venture into uncharted territories with success and aplomb.

CE Nepal’s primary scope of operation currently comprises two divisions:

CE Pharma

Engaged in marketing and distribution of Pharmaceutical segment product lines of different therapeutic group of reputed global companies with cGMP facilities. It also provides consultancy services for project development management, field personnel training and up-skilling sessions.

Currently, through a focused and professional marketing field force based all over Nepal, it is engaged in marketing the following therapeutic classes that includes but is not limited to:

  • Anti- asthma and COPD
  • Ophthalmic  
  • Nasal Decongestant
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Urogenital 
  • Analgesics and Anti- pyretic
  • Others

CE Marketing

Engaged in marketing and distribution of general product lines with exclusive distribution rights for Nepal market. We also provide consultancy services for project feasibility analysis, field personnel development and training along with profile up-skilling sessions.

Currently, we are engaged in providing a highly skilled and professional marketing field with a strong customer focus in marketing the following segments:

  • Nutraceuticals / Cosmoceuticals
  • Surgical and Other medical life style paraphernalia
  • Health and wellbeing enhancement
  • Lifestyle facilitation and enhancement​
  • Innovative products with new evolving concepts (general category)


Focused on improving the health, lifestyle and wellbeing of the community by providing a diverse range of products and services of the highest quality for customer satisfaction.


Working towards a vibrant health conscious community striving for a balanced lifestyle at affordable cost.

Scope of business and operations

CE Nepal continuously strives to service the Nepal market through its two divisions and their scope and core areas of operation. For over 25 years, CE Nepal has steadily built a strong presence of its marketing and distribution network across the length and breadth of the Himalayan kingdom that encompasses all 77 districts within the seven states of Nepal.

This well-founded and tightly knit network has played an integral role in servicing our client portfolios. It has enabled us to ensure delivery of products to the most remote and far flung districts of Nepal. We have through our extensive marketing and distribution network consistently ensured that essential as well as non-essential goods are accessible to our customers at all times.